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Allison Kelly

A ground-breaking clinical trial saved Allison Kelly’s life

In the summer of 2017, Registered Nurse Allison Kelly started to notice pain in her leg. Upon further investigation, doctors discovered a blood clot caused by a large ovarian mass. After a blur of tests and immediate surgery, Allison was diagnosed with Stage IV Clear Cell Ovarian Cancer.

On her 37th birthday, Allison received a call from BC Cancer learning of her eligibility to participate in a clinical trial. Six weeks after receiving her first dose of treatment, Allison’s tumours shrunk by 50 per cent. Eighteen months later, a PET scan revealed she had ‘no evidence of disease’.

“Participating in this trial is my way of bringing hope to other women who will face a similar diagnosis,” says Allison. “I want people to know that the research being done at BC Cancer is working. I am living proof of it.”