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Protein Trial for Prostate Cancer

Protein trial brings great promise for prostate cancer care in B.C.

With donor support, BC Cancer scientists have produced an imaging agent for the PSMA protein that is often prevalent in prostate cancer cells. This imaging agent is showing great promise for men diagnosed with prostate cancer, helping to determine enhanced treatments for individual patients, including surgery, precision radiation therapy and/or new drug treatments.

This agent is currently being tested in a clinical trial and results have been remarkable. Among the 776 participants scanned to date, more than 87 per cent have benefitted from the trial.

While the evidence shows the effectiveness of the imaging agent, PSMA scanning is currently only available in Vancouver.

The trial is set for growth. Hope is coming for prostate cancer patients with a new PET/CT scanner at BC Cancer – Victoria, providing an opportunity to double PSMA trial capacity.

PSMA imaging holds the potential to become a new standard for prostate cancer care. It could also replace bone scans and other procedures currently used for staging and monitoring prostate cancer.