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Two decades of donor impact – celebrating 20 years of the Genome Sciences Centre

Twenty years ago, the BC Cancer Genome Sciences Centre (GSC) was created to advance the field of genomics, grow our knowledge of biology and improve the lives of cancer patients world-wide. Established in November 1999 by Drs. Don Carlow, Victor Ling and Simon Sutcliff, and Nobel Laureate Dr. Michael Smith, founders worked together to create the world’s first genome centre embedded within a cancer system. Since then, the GSC has trained more than 1,300 individuals, published nearly 1,300 peer-reviewed articles garnering more than 95,000 citations, contributed to 850 research projects, and have sequenced the equivalent of 660,000 human genomes.

Today, thanks in large part to generous donor support, the GSC is bringing genome sequencing and bioinformatic techniques and expertise to cancer patients, helping to diagnose, treat and even prevent cancers in new ways. Genomics opens the possibility of identifying risks for hereditary cancers and other diseases, uncovering unique therapeutic targets, and making discoveries that shape the world’s understanding of disease biology. This is a global movement and BC Cancer is a leader—there is no other facility in Canada like the GSC.