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Linda West

Living life to the fullest thanks to Innovative Therapies – Linda West’s Story

Linda West is no stranger to the devastation of a cancer diagnosis, having first faced breast cancer in 2003. After a successful treatment journey, followed by close to ten years of regular check-ups, Linda’s life had seemingly returned to normal. Then, during a golf game in the fall of 2016, Linda was suddenly unable to catch her breath, and was rushed to the ER. This time, it was another life-changing diagnosis: Stage IV breast cancer that had spread to her liver, bones, and brain.

After trying several different chemotherapies, Linda’s oncologist, Dr. Vanessa Bernstein recommended two innovative therapies that have saved Linda’s life, keeping her cancer at bay. “Today, I am doing fantastic,” says Linda. “I am going for long walks, golfing, entertaining and making the best of my life.”