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Dr. Morin

New mass spectrometer will improve outcomes for British Columbians

A second mass spectrometer (MS) is on its way to BC Cancer. This vital piece of equipment will help transform cancer diagnosis and treatment, leading to better outcomes for patients across British Columbia.

“Mass spectrometry is a cutting-edge tool for uncovering molecule-level clues that lead to cancer. By taking detailed measurements of protein molecules in the human body, MS provides researchers with a vibrant picture of how cancer genes act and take control of cellular activities,” says Dr. Gregg Morin, head of the proteomics platform at BC Cancer.

BC Cancer scientists are now studying the underlying role of the proteins made from mutated genes, in causing cancer cells to form and multiply – this field of study is known as proteomics.

“Mass spectrometry helps not only in diagnosis but in identifying targets for cancer drugs and determining if existing drugs can effectively treat these targets.”

With the new instrument in place, proteomics research projects are set to triple, which will lead to better treatments and a better quality of life to patients in our province and beyond.